Important information
The Swiss Association of Language Travel Agents (SALTA) was dissolved on 31 December 2016 and will now be run in the form of an interest group (IG). An association structure was no longer considered appropriate due to the high degree of professionalisation in today’s Swiss language travel market.

In addition, networking between members is very good and the regular dialogue will be sure to continue thanks to the new IG structure. All members will remain in the Swiss travel guarantee fund.

Questions regarding language travel can be sent directly to the agencies listed.


Clear and complete offers

This information is included in proposals by SALTA agents:

  • Services included in the price
  • Number of lessons per week
  • Duration of a lesson
  • Maximum class size
  • Possible exams and certificates
  • School’s infrastructure
  • Type of accommodation and boarding
  • Terms (incl. payment and cancellation conditions)